A tribute to my dear friend Arlene… There is something so powerful and healing about connecting with others who can relate to your most painful struggles. After my baby was shaken and slammed by her childcare provider I felt very alone in the world. Then I figured out there were others like me, […]


Kyra Main Picture 2
It was just another Sunday at work for Kelsie Kuyath – until 7:21pm, that is. It was at that moment she received a call from her husband that would change life forever. Their 4 month old, Kyra, was seizing and he was bringing her into the emergency room where she worked. Kelsie, the only […]


Abraham, photo credit to Boho Mom Photo. 3
“I do believe anyone can shake a baby, not just monsters. But I believe the real crime is in the lying and avoiding blame after the fact. She hurt my son not once but at least twice. She let him suffer and she was silent. She didn’t tell me she […]


Two people entered Lola’s ER room. My stomach dropped. I knew something was terribly wrong with my baby but I had no idea what to expect…I stopped breathing as I heard the words non-accidental head trauma, large skull fracture, old blood, neurosurgery. It was Tuesday, October 18, 2011 and life as we knew […]


Thank you so much for your interest in participating in this ongoing awareness campaign. We will use the information you provide on this short survey to create a blog post on our website. Stories will be shared and linked to from our FB page, Twitter and Instagram accounts using the hashtags #VOICESOFAHT […]

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